Saturday, June 28, 2008

On Brick & Mortars

My new debit card never arrived. I am currently still banking with my local bank in my Seattle area hometown - though now I am *thisclose* to switching to a bank in California, but am waiting until I move to a new apartment in August. When I went to the local branch today, I found out that my new debit card was sent to a temporary address my parents had for a while in NYC. However, my parents informed me that they NEVER changed their billing address at all, and had an argument with our bank about the subject over 3 weeks ago. How did our local bank figure out that my parents had a temporary address? All they were doing was having their mail forwarded from their Seattle address to their NYC address for a few months. Their Seattle address was still their billing address, they had no desire or intention to change it! As such, both my younger brother and I have had occasional issues regarding our debit cards not working recently - mine with paying rent and iTunes, his with Ticketmaster.

My debit card expires on Monday, 6/30. Today I pulled out $100 in cash (more than I should need for the week) as a precaution - my new debit card is scheduled to arrive at my California address no later than the end of the week. I still have checks which I can use, but it's frustrating nonetheless!

Do you have any suggestions on B&M banks? I am considering using WaMu's Free Checking Account first, with BofA/Wachovia second and either an ING or HSBC online checking account last - though I am not comfortable enough with doing all my banking online just yet. One month to do all my research!


SavingDiva June 29, 2008 at 8:58 PM  

If you get comfortable with online banking, I would check out Charles Schwab. It's a nice checking checks...ATM fees credited to your account. It's a pretty good bank.

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