Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekend Spending!

I had a really fun weekend. My roommates were both out of town, so I hung out with a few good friends, went to my company's summer picnic at a mini amusement park/bar at one of the local beaches all day on Saturday and saw The Dark Knight in IMAX! Here's a breakdown of my spending:

Gas, $50.39 (the price is dipping a bit, at $4.39/gallon instead of OVER $4.50!)
Groceries, $40.06 (most of this went to a bottle of alcohol I purchased for my roommates)
Dining out, $10.20
The Dark Knight in IMAX, $17 ($15 for the ticket + $2 Fandango surcharge) - Totally worth it!

I would have actually spent more had I gone to Costco - but I decided to save that trip until next weekend. (I need to replenish my contact lenses and they are not exactly cheap, even with insurance!)

Another fun thing I did this weekend was making a really delicious cold pasta salad with shrimp, dill, chopped pickles, and homemade dressing - and I have enough for 2 lunches this week! The recipe comes from one of my friend's parents and it's great, plus it's really easy. I am still slowly getting the hang of this cooking thing and am having fun trying out recipes I find online or at various food blogs. :)


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