Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quick Update

Just a quick update. I didn't get around to doing my usual weekend spending recap, but I definitely spent at least $150 over Memorial Day weekend! $60 of that was towards my car for an oil change, tire rotation and a new air filter (paid for out of my Car Fund!), $25 on some new earrings and just a lot of little things here and there: $9 at the bar, $15 on groceries, $50 on a wedding gift for my friend, etc.

I had a good weekend: the No Doubt concert was FANTASTIC (so much energy! and they played my 3 favorite songs!), went on a long hike with K and went out with some friends on Sunday night. This week I've been running around doing a bunch of things and yesterday I dealt with the HOA about my towing incident. Bottom line with that, they are going to "review" it and let me know if I'll get reimbursed...which makes me think it'll be HIGHLY unlikely. So, thank goodness for my 3rd paycheck of May tomorrow!

I've been putting of studying for the industry exam I am taking in December so I'm dedicating tonight (after the gym/dinner) and tomorrow to catching up some. I've been trying to study for at least 1 hour per night, 4x per week - taking Tuesday, Friday and Saturday off.

Happy almost Friday!


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