Thursday, October 1, 2009

Officially Autumn (or, it's October!)

And another month goes by! I had $250 leftover from my September budget. I am putting $100 into my E-fund, $100 into my Roth IRA and $50 into my Gift Fund, since the holiday season is getting closer! Here's my re-cap of my September goals:

1. CFA studying. Pass! I feel like I am doing okay... there is just SO MUCH material! :(
2. Finish my book. Fail. But I'm really close!!
3. Try some new recipes. Pass! As usual, some worked and some didn't. Haha.
4. Renew passport. Pass! I actually received it back today, hooray! Cruise, here I come!!
5. Finish knitting my first scarf! Fail. Studying has been my priority, so my other hobbies get pushed aside :(
6. Spend no more than $400 on vacation. Pass! Well, technically, because even though I did spend over $500, it was mostly from the surprise money my parents gave me! :) I have no idea if I would've spent that much of my own money...maybe.


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