Monday, April 5, 2010

Follow-Up: How Much Do You Spend on Groceries?

This is my follow-up post to last month's How Much Do You Spend On Groceries? There were lots of great comments, so be sure to check them out!

Of course, the sample set was interesting. (Though I would say it's biased towards my mostly frugally-conscious readers. :) ) The average amount spent per month was $283, with the lowest being $100 for 1 person and the highest at $400 for 2 people. Most people were located in large cities (LA, NYC) and those on the higher end of the monthly grocery bills tended towards organic/natural food. I loved all the responses!

Here is my information:

Location: San Diego, CA
Monthly Grocery $: $105 (2009 average; a LOT lower than I expected it to be! I budget $125-$150/month)
For: 1 person
Other: I don't buy any processed foods and avoid most expensive snacks. I buy in-season produce. I also buy generic brand of anything and everything. I always shop at my "trifecta" in Southern California: Ralph's, Henry's and Trader Joe's. I don't use coupons, and I bring my lunch to work every day. I don't buy a lot of meat (maybe 1 bag of frozen chicken thighs/breasts at Costco per month) and try to eat mostly vegetarian... but I always have ice cream in the apartment! :)


Lola April 7, 2010 at 9:44 PM  

Location: South-ish
Monthly Grocery in 2009 - $350/month on average
For: two people with many visits from our 4 kids and their close associates. They all live out of town now, so this will go down, BUT - see below
Other: we spent more on average eating out each month in 2009, and that will definitely be the case this year....

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