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New York City Life: Some Updates

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I'm still on the hunt for an apartment. It's frustrating but I know it'll work out! I've seen three places including the one I briefly wrote about in my last post and I have two more scheduled for this week. Plus I'm sending replying to all the possible Craigslist ads I can, so it really is taking up a big chunk of time.

I'm still eating out for 2 meals a day. (I've been keeping bagels/fruit at work for breakfast though!) It's still fun, even though sometimes I do feel guilty. Sometimes. ;) Oh and I'm in love with vanilla chais from Dunkin Donuts! I had one last Friday and another on Sunday...and could totally go for one now thanks to the rain/thunderstorm. Good thing I'm feeling lazy tonight!

My social life is...okay. One of my best girlfriends lives in city so I'm always included in her and her roommates' plans, but they were both out of town the last two weekends! So, I've been reaching out to other people I know of. I had a blast meeting up (twice!) with Leslie of 27 and Frugal recently and I'm also hoping to meet up with other bloggers soon, like Carolyn and Jessica! (Those last two blogs make me want to turn from a PF blogger to a regular blogger...hmm, food for thought?!) I've also sent e-mails to old friends who live in the city and a family friend's nephew/his girlfriend who said they'd be more than happy to help me make some connections in the city. It's definitely an adjustment going from having a consistent social life (friends, book club, bootcamps, etc) to basically being alone. Don't get me wrong, I am LOVING this time of exploring the city, doing what I want, eating what I want and relishing the time to myself. But I'm a people-person so it IS tough! It will pass though as I start to get to know more people and join things.

Speaking of joining things, I am planning on joining New York Sports Club. I believe I get a discount through work, but I think I have pay for a whole YEAR up front. That'll be about $800! EEK! However, for me it's totally worth it. I loved the Total Body Conditioning class I took and the Cardio Kickboxing was okay (the class had a substitute instruction so maybe that was why), but they have such a variety that I know I'll be happy there. I watched one of the Boxing classes and I definitely want to try it, but they seem tough to get it. (You have to call at 6am when they open or something to be lucky to get a spot!) I'll be doing this in the next month or two once I actually start getting my regular paychecks at work. Until then, lots of walking and occasionally dancing the night away!

By the way, I'd love to hear any of your advice on moving to a new city, meeting people and adjusting to new (yet familiar to me) surroundings. I definitely can't wait to have a more permanent place in the city. I can't even get mail here because I don't know how, hah!


Frugalista April 13, 2011 at 11:37 AM is a pretty cool site that people who move to new towns can use. Sounds like you already know some folks so you are in good shape but this could be a good source too!

Anonymous April 13, 2011 at 4:43 PM  

I love reading your updates! This sounds like such an exciting time for you. I especially love that you used to write about how much of a dream it would be to live and work in NYC and there you are!

You sound like you're definitely having a blast and you're getting to try a ton of fun, new stuff! I can't wait to hear more!

One more thing, what happened to the Gondola Airport Boy? :)

Tricia April 13, 2011 at 6:50 PM  

Girlfriend! I moved to New York a year ago and I remember going through a lot of same things as you. Here is my advice.
1. Finding a place to live. I found an apt on craigslist for my first six months which was a horrible experience. The second time around I just sent out a massive email on Facebook to all my friends in NY or friends that had friends in NY about what I was looking for in a living situation. I told them to forward my email on to friends and family. I got a zillion of emails back and actually had to turn down amazing offers.
2.Friends. I understand 100%. Everyone told me it just takes time and they were completely right. It took my about six months to get my groove socially and sometimes I still get a little lonely. My suggestion is to check out an amazing volunteer organization here in NYC, ZOG sports group (even if you aren't athletic) and your college alumni group. Also, have you thought of getting a part time job to meet people?
3. NYSC -- I am a big fan of the gym but they are pretty sneaky with their deals before you sign anything. Check out their website for deals. DO NOT PAY THE START UP FEE. I pay $80/month for a one year contract.

Feel free to email me with questions. I am here to help!

her every Cent Counts April 13, 2011 at 9:35 PM  

Wow, $800/year for a gym membership is really high. I'm paying $35 a month and I feel like THAT Is too might. Granted, I never go, so that could be why!

I haven't lived in NYC other than one summer, so I can't really comment on that, but when I moved out to a new city I found the best way to make friends was to get involved in things I enjoy... like community theatre. That's how I met all of my current friends!

MoneyMaus April 13, 2011 at 9:43 PM  

@Frugalista - I used Meetup in San Diego to find my book club and loved it! I've found a few potential groups here, but a lot don't seem to be very active which is disappointing. I'm still looking, though!

@Ness - You are a doll, thank you so much! :) It's still surreal that I'm actually here, yet it also feels like home and just so right. Ah...I was wondering when someone would ask about Airport Boy! Unfortunately we had an unspoken agreement that once I left, we would be over. Sadly, I've tried to keep in contact with him but not to much avail. Sad :(

@Tricia - WOW! Thank you SO much for all those suggestions! I definitely want to email regarding some of them, can you email me since I can't access your profile to send you a message? I have contacted my school (as well as study abroad) alumni groups so those have events in the next month or so :)

@Her Every Cent - And you know what, $800 is on the CHEAP side for NYC because it includes my discount! But hey I do go to the gym so I never feel like I'm wasting my membership which helps ;)

Daisy April 17, 2011 at 12:03 PM  

Wow I've never been to new york but it's one of the top cities on my must-see list.

As for moving to a new city, meeting new people..

I moved 4 hours away from home last year to vancouver. I'm kind of a homebody, but i new I needed to make friends.. it took awhile (almost a year) to get myself settled enough but with school i'm starting to make more. You'll just get into the groove of things and it will all fall into place :)

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