Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

Today was a half-day at work for me - I only had to work 4 hours and the other 4 are paid. Hooray! (This is because I work at a financial firm so whenever the stock market has an early closure, so do we - and then some since we are on the west coast!)

I have lots of shopping plans for this weekend. My Mom is coming into town tomorrow until Tuesday, so we will do what we do best - shop and eat! We already have plans for dinner at our favorite (expensive) restaurant near where I live, plus we will take a break for lunch at Nordstrom Cafe while we are shopping and whatever else suits our fancy. Mmm...

Onto the personal finance aspect of this weekend. My Mom is amazing and always generous when she sees me, so I am sure she will be covering all my meals/drinks/coffee for the 3 days she is here. A lot of the actual shopping will be covered by me. However, I have been planning for this! I have 2 Nordstrom's gift cards amounting to about $100 and I have $100 budgeted from July and August for shopping which I have not used. What do I need? New (better) make-up and more work clothing, especially a pair of pants - preferably grey. And some items for the apartment such as standing lamps for my bedroom and the living room. What do I want? A new pair of pointed high heels and a new purse!

August goals wrap-up and September goals will be posted about later this weekend. I hope you all enjoy the holiday!


asgreen September 2, 2008 at 12:17 PM  

How did the shopping go?

savingcent September 2, 2008 at 12:22 PM  

Cute shoes!

I desperately need a new pair of pointy black pumps for my dress favorite classic is the bcbgirls myrna pump from a couple years back. I haven't been able to find it though - no matter how hard I try.... siiigh.

Hope you had fun with your mom!

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