Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weekend Staycation

I'm taking tomorrow off to enjoy a three-day weekend! One of my best friends is coming into town to visit me and to check out potential grad schools. It will be a fantastic staycation and I'll get to play tour guide from Thursday night until Sunday morning. You can bet we'll be spending time at the beach, outdoors (hiking/golfing) and at the bars! :)

I'm not really sure how much to budget, but I did transfer $150 from my Travel Fund to my checking account. I know we'll be doing a bunch of dining out at local cheap restaurants and just having fun in general, but I'm not anticipating any really big expenses. We have a ton of fun together so I am just excited to see my friend! My Travel Fund still has a bit of padding in it, even after booking my flight to Denver, so I have no problem spending some of it for a nice weekend.


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