Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Denver Weekend Spending Recap

My 2nd weekend getaway of June was awesome! I officially love Denver! The weather was amazing, the city was clean and very new, and the people were fantastic! A very social, active and young population. I stayed with one of my best girlfriends who lives there and we had a blast! On Saturday, we went to a bar and watched the World Cup game for a few hours, then headed to a park where a large group of us spent the afternoon hanging out before going out in the evening. On Sunday, four of us went on a driving tour of Denver, from Red Rocks Park to various neighborhoods and some of the nearby mountain towns. It was absolutely beautiful! Here's what I spent:

  • Cash: $70 (I burn through cash when I have it! This was spent on food/alcohol all weekend)
  • Saturday Bar: $9
  • Sunday Brunch: $17
  • Ice Cream: $9 (I bought it for my friends who drove me all over the city)
  • Sunday Dinner: $7
I had $70 leftover from what I took out of my Travel Fund for both this and my Seattle trip, so I've sent that back to be used for future travel! :) Now, where to go next...


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