Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mid-Week Money Musings

Bullet point format!

  • I'm getting $871 back from my $1K security deposit at my last apartment. Since my security deposit at my current place was $700, I'll have $171 leftover.

  • I've decided to use that $171 to get renter's insurance! The cheapest online price quote I found was $152 for a year through State Farm for $20K in coverage. A bit more than I wanted to pay, but I do live in Southern California and my stuff is worth it to me!

  • The remaining $19 will probably end up being used for a dinner out with friends.

  • I recently took 4 pairs of high heels for repair. The place had good reviews on Yelp... but I was very disappointed! It was really expensive to get the heel tips replaced, and the shoe cobbler didn't even clean my shoes - what?! They are hardly any better than they were. Guess I know where I'm not going back to! Total cost: $64. Ouch! :(

  • My next 3 weekends are completely booked, just like last weekend - and I love it! However, lots of friend time also equates to spending money on going to restaurants, gas for driving around, random activities, etc...

  • Aug 29th: Volunteering + visiting a girlfriend who lives an hour away (sleepover!). We'll probably get sushi, frozen yogurt and go shopping, then stay in with wine and a Redbox movie :)

  • Sept 4th/Labor Day Weekend: College friend who moved away is visiting! She'll stay with me for a night or two. Maybe hit the driving range and go hang out in the park? But probably also go out to the bars!

  • Sept 10th: A friend I made in Denver is coming to visit. Hopefully I can get some free activities in like hiking and beach time to offset the green fees for golf and going out!

  • Of the $150 I had been putting into my E-fund every month, I've decided to split it. $75 into whatever savings fund I feel like that month and $75 into my budget for any extras... shopping, keeping my social life alive, etc. :) Spend half and save half is a good compromise!


stackingpennies August 25, 2010 at 9:57 AM  

a friend in denver, huh? sounds fun!

Also I'm so glad to hear you are getting renters insurance - it is just one of those things that sucks to spend money on... until you need it!

Frugalista August 25, 2010 at 11:23 AM  

You are gonna be one busy girl!!! Sounds FUN! And coming from a homebody like myself....just a little bit exhausting : )

Serendipity August 25, 2010 at 12:26 PM  

I love the whole save half spend half concept. It's important to keep your social life alive, especially when your young I feel. You need to get all the activites you can in! :)

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