Monday, September 15, 2008

A(nother!) Non-Frugal Weekend

I certainly helped the economy this past weekend. This weekend completely trumps last weekend. Here's my spending breakdown:

Brunch - $10
Groceries - $26.71
Party Supplies - $56.85 (This was my 1/3 of all our combined expenses for a fantastic themed party that my roommates & I threw - I enjoy having the occasional party instead of going out to bars every weekend.)
New TV (!) - $525.19

I am sure everyone who reads this blog is thinking "WHAT?!" but...I love TV. I watch too many shows to list (Prison Break, 24, Lost, Heroes, CSI, Bones, etc etc) and my 4-year-old 13" VHS Toshiba was not cutting it anymore. Having 2 male roommates means there is almost always sports on TV and I am not a sports fan. I am extremely happy to have a larger, nicer TV in my room where I can retreat to and watch the Travel Channel, HGTV, Bravo and Food Network. I am very happy, as the new TV is also aesthetically pleasing - I have a bit of a interior design spark from my mother. :)

(Don't worry, I paid cash and it was purchased with some leftover money from my college years - I did not use my savings. This was also a purchase that I did some research on and consulted friends about who know a lot of the topic.)

What would life be like without those big purchases that put a smile on your face? Have you made any similar purchases that make you happy?


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