Monday, September 8, 2008

A Pricey Weekend!

Why is it that the weekends always go by so fast and the weeks much slower - at least most of the time?? I had a very fun weekend with friends and a lot of "me" time on Saturday. This has by FAR been my most expensive weekend since I started working full-time in June, but too be honest I don't think it was that much. (I can justify it by saying that I have had many inexpensive weekends, though!)

Dinner/drinks at amazing local pizza joint (inc a drink for a friend/old roommate) on Friday, $20
Haircut + tip, $60
Car wash, $7.95
Pedicure + tip, $26
Lunch at Nordstrom Cafe on Saturday, $7
Eyebrow waxing + tip, $18.22 (I used the remainder on a gift card, otherwise this would have been $35*.)
Dinner/drinks at a local bar on Saturday, $18
Groceries, $23.42

Total: $180.59

*Yes, it's a lot for an eyebrow waxing. However, I am very picky about how my eyebrows are done and I only trust the women at a particular place. The woman who did my brows this time spent 20 minutes on them, which is almost unheard of and she was extremely thorough. For my petite brows, it is completely worth it. This is one of my splurges! :)


Shtinkykat September 10, 2008 at 8:13 PM  

Hey there fellow Californian. There are 2 things in this post I'm curious about: (1) where do you go for your car wash? (Seems like I'm always spending at least $10.99, not incl. tax and tip!) and (2) where do you get your brows done? I used to drive to L.A. to get my brows done but with gas prices being what they are, I need to find someone local. :-P

With respect to your spending, seems like you've earmarked your savings for the beauty splurges and didn't go into debt. I say, hurray to your weekend!

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