Thursday, September 25, 2008


I enjoy reading reviews on Yelp and trying to find new places to go, whether it is for restaurants or specialty stores or what have you.

I did a search for "oil change" in my zip code since I like to keep my car running well. I found a place that has 6 reviews (all 5 stars!), a family-owned small auto repair shop. I just called to make an appointment and see their pricing - an oil change for my Honda Civic is $12.99! Plus tax, that should come to an even $14. I almost can't believe how good of a deal this is. I had budgeted $35 since I usually take my car to Jiffy Lube... this will be a great find if all goes well on Saturday! :)

**Update: I just got back from getting my oil changed. The family-run shop ended up not working out, unfortunately. I arrived and there was zero parking, I got in line and stood there for 15 minutes without being acknowledged - so I walked out and went to the Jiffy Lube next door. I was served right away and it took less than 15 minutes. Still, instead of only costing $14... I paid $38.54. I wasn't harassed about changing my air filter and the employees were very nice. I feel better about my car now and am happy with the fast service. Even if the price is horrific.


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