Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Date?!

I mentioned an interesting development earlier this week. Basically, I still check my account every few days - I paid for 3 months, so why not?! Well, last weekend, I had a long message from a guy that basically has everything in common with me. I decided to give it a shot! We met up last night for coffee and talked from 8pm-11pm. The conversation was good - but something was missing. He was cute, but fairly awkward. There wasn't that spark, there was barely any laughter and it was definitely not as comfortable as it could have been. I got a delicious chai out of the meeting and was able to relate to someone who has traveled to more countries than I have! I am not even sure if I will hear from him again - we said goodbye at my car and parted ways, without even a hug. He is a nice guy and I do wish him all the best.

So, I am still open to potential new dates - however, things are slowly developing with K and I am liking it! Friday will be great: happy hour with my roommates and some friends, mini golf with K and perhaps a movie after! :)


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