Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekend Spending Report

Wow - it was definitely a hot (80 degrees every day), fun and crazy weekend! I went out to dinner to celebrate a friend getting a job on Friday. On Saturday, I went to the driving range with a friend and went downtown to a club for a birthday party that night. On Sunday, I recovered by sleeping in, going out to brunch with my roommates, did some grocery shopping - and that night I had my date.

$20, Dinner

$5, Driving Range
$14, Downtown ($6 for a drink, $5 for parking and $3 for reduced cover)

$10, Brunch
$24.55, Groceries
$4, Parking (I had 3 hours free by way of validation, but didn't realize how time flies on a great date - I was 30 minutes late and had to pay a small fee!)

Total: $77.55


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