Thursday, March 5, 2009

Date #2

I guess I should give him an initial, now that we've been on date #2. We'll call him K. (He has the same first name as one of my roommates, lol.)

Again, I had a blast last night. He called at 8pm to let me know that due to the event he was at, he wouldn't be able to pick me up until 9pm, was that too late? I said no, it was fine. He asks again if I'm sure - and I ask him if he's really giving me the option to change my mind?! "Oh, dangit, no! I'll see you at nine then." ;)

We went for frozen yogurt (fro yo, as the trend is known here in southern California) and then decided to take a walk on the beach! We held hands and talked about our families, siblings, college days gone by and travel. Very cheesy but it was cute.

He's at a work conference all weekend, so our next date will be dinner on Monday. I'm having a ton of fun right now! :)


Distar March 7, 2009 at 1:27 PM  

cute :)

sounds like you guys are excited to see each other already (short spacing btwn dates)- GREAT sign.

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