Friday, June 3, 2011

Being Social

When I moved to NYC, I only had one very good friend in the city. I've met a few new people through blogs and got back in touch with acquaintances. Most of my weekends, however, had been spent on my own since a lot of people I know go home (New Jersey) for the weekends or already have very busy lives...

Then I joined a social sport league. And it literally change my life! I got incredibly lucky to be put on a fantastic team where I literally had immediate friends. I've spent all of last TWO weekends in a row hanging out with them. It's been absolutely fantastic! :)

However, of course, all of the social engagements add up quickly. Trust me, you don't even want to know what I spent over my 4-day Memorial Day weekend. I was here on Saturday and here on Monday. But you know what? WORTH. IT. Such a blast, and I'm developing better friendships! All I can say is...good thing my Dad's coming to visit/on a business trip for the next 5 days! ;)

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