Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quick Update

Just a quick update. I didn't get around to doing my usual weekend spending recap, but I definitely spent at least $150 over Memorial Day weekend! $60 of that was towards my car for an oil change, tire rotation and a new air filter (paid for out of my Car Fund!), $25 on some new earrings and just a lot of little things here and there: $9 at the bar, $15 on groceries, $50 on a wedding gift for my friend, etc.

I had a good weekend: the No Doubt concert was FANTASTIC (so much energy! and they played my 3 favorite songs!), went on a long hike with K and went out with some friends on Sunday night. This week I've been running around doing a bunch of things and yesterday I dealt with the HOA about my towing incident. Bottom line with that, they are going to "review" it and let me know if I'll get reimbursed...which makes me think it'll be HIGHLY unlikely. So, thank goodness for my 3rd paycheck of May tomorrow!

I've been putting of studying for the industry exam I am taking in December so I'm dedicating tonight (after the gym/dinner) and tomorrow to catching up some. I've been trying to study for at least 1 hour per night, 4x per week - taking Tuesday, Friday and Saturday off.

Happy almost Friday!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Care Package + Long Weekend!

My Mom surprised me with a care package this week! She sends me one every few months and I am always surprised at what I get. This time I got an adorable summer purse (with a bazillion pockets, which I love!), a new mascara and two items she knitted for me: another sweater, this time in teal, and some fingerless gloves for my freezing office. This is why I love my Mom! :)

I have a 3.5 day weekend (my office gives us half days on any day prior to a holiday) and I have a lot planned: shopping with some girlfriends, No Doubt concert tonight, a movie or two with K since I have some free passes, going out a night or two, and a lot of errands.

I'll post my errand list to see how much I actually get done:

  • Take pants to tailor
  • Take car to the shop for oil change/tire rotation
  • Organize dresser & take old items to Goodwill (including shoes)
  • Hair appointment (really just a bang trim)
  • Buy wedding present for my friend (gift card plus something small attached)
  • Pick up necklace I bought at Nordstrom
  • Check out Target for new earrings
Happy Memorial Day! Have fun!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Three Paycheck Month!

May is one of two 3-paycheck months of the year! Here is how I am budgeting the extra $1,000 coming in:

Towing Fees* = $263
E-Fund = $300
Roth IRA = $300
Myself = $137

*I am hoping to get this reimbursed by the HOA/security company as it was an unlawful tow. In the event that it does get reimbursed, it will go towards savings in some form.

Weekend Spending Report

I spent very little this weekend. It was a somewhat of a stressful weekend for personal reasons and ended up being low-key because of that. I did make a fantastic crock pot meal on Sunday! :)

$0, I didn't do anything

$22, Star Trek movie tix (I used a $25 Amex Gift Card I got from work!)

$11.83, Groceries

Total: $33.83

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Savings Changes!

I am making a few adjustments to my savings goals after looking over my budget today. The economy is still not great, people are still losing jobs and this recession might go on for longer than people think! (Or shorter - let's be optimistic!)

Instead of $75/month to Travel, I am decreasing it back down to $50/month.
Instead of $50/month to Car Maintenance, I am decreasing it back down to $25/month.
Instead of $100/month to my E-fund, I am increasing it up to $150/month.

My travel fund is still doing very well, though I might be using it to buy some plane tickets soon! (Once I figure out my travel plans for the rest of the year, that is...)

My car fund has $350 in it right now, which I believe is sufficient for the 60K tune-up I need to get done and other on-going maintenance like oil changes. I have been looking at prices for the 60K and I know some people who can help me get a decent deal and not get over-charged, which is my fear!

I want my emergency fund to keep going until it's at a level I am comfortable with. Yes, I realize that over $6K is a fantastic place - but I want it to get to $10K to feel totally okay! That would be 8 months of my bare-bones budget, with no savings or little extras. Once it reaches around $8-10K, I'll allocate the monthly savings to something else... perhaps a down payment fund? :)

Have you made any changes in your savings habits recently?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Spending

This was a fairly low-key weekend. I spent all of it at K's. On Friday, we made dinner and watched The Count of Monte Cristo, which we both hadn't seen in a few years. On Saturday we hung around at his place, watched part of an air show in our area and ran some errands. We had plans to go out with friends that night, but they had to cancel at the last minute. On Sunday we went to brunch and bought more fish for his new fish tank! I also finished off a Starbucks card that I had, since we went twice that weekend. :)

$0, K paid for some groceries


$13.10, Groceries

$15.77, Brunch (since K pays most of the the time, I offered to get this)

Total: $48.87

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Car Got Towed :(

Sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning, my car was towed from the lot of our complex. I have a valid resident sticker and am allowed to park wherever I want: guest or resident spot. I have never been issued a warning before about parking in a guest spot, which I have done on occasion when there are no other spots available when I arrived home - and that is what happened on Monday night.

The towing fee was $263, plus I was 2.5 hours late to work. So frustrating. I discussed the situation with my landlord, the HOA and the security company which authorized the tow all day yesterday. I was supposed to be warned 24 hours prior to a tow, and the security company said they warned me on April 30th, but the tow was on May 4th and I was out of town all weekend! Basically, it was an improper tow as I never received a warning slip - or I would not have parked in a guest spot! It makes no sense at all.

I am presenting my case to the HOA board on May 27th to (hopefully) get my fees reimbursed. Worst comes to worst, this is a 3 paycheck month so the towing fees will be covered out from that and I'll have less to allocate to savings - but at least I won't have to dip into my E-fund!

May Goals, April Review & Month-End

April Month-End
I had $250 leftover from my April budget, so I am putting $200 into my Roth IRA and $50 into my E-fund. Here is my review of my April goals:

April Review
1. Do more outdoor activities - preferably free/low-cost ones! PASS! K and I went hiking twice and a few strolls around town. I'm really enjoying it!
2. Gifts: My brother's 21st birthday present & my girlfriend's bachelorette present. PASS! I spent $71 on those 2 gifts.
3. Finish 1 book. Really! Fail. Again. Though I am really enjoying my new book.
4. Start studying for December CFA Level I. Fail. I decided to start in May instead of April. Though I now have all my study materials!
5. Take car in for 60K mileage (and try to keep cost around $200) Fail. Though I did wash it by hand...
6. Get renter's insurance. Seriously!! Fail. Again. Ugh, I am taking this off my list.
7. Enjoy my vacation to NYC and try to keep spending around ~$300. PASS! I only spent $84. The clothing ($218) came from my bonus. Total was $302.

May Goals
1. Begin studying for CFA Level I.
2. Add $20 prescription and $30 Blackberry Data Plan into budget.
3. Take my car in. Really...
4. Go out more often with friends! But keeping "Entertainment" spending at $75 max.
5. Use Crock Pot for new, quick and easy meals.
6. Look into taking ballroom dance lessons with K who keeps mentioning it!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Net Worth & Side Bar Updates

I have updated my net worth and savings sidebars for April. My net worth is still increasing - but this was mostly due to my retirement accounts this month, as my cash actually decreased since I finally finished spending my bonus money!

Travel Expenses!

I absolutely loved my mini weekend getaway for my girlfriend's bachelorette party! The wine tasting was a blast - and so were all the board games and girltalk. :) Here's what I spent and how much is coming out of my Travel Fund in May to cover it:

Accommodations, $135
Gas, $13.19
Groceries, $6
Wine Tasting, $16
Dinner, $38

Total: $208.19

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