Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taking Lunch to Work!

I cook almost every night. Last night, K made me dinner at his place - it was delicious! Salmon with fresh ginger and a side salad.

Since there were no leftovers, when I got up this morning I realized that I did not have lunch for work today! I take my lunch every day. (The last 2 weeks, however, I have gone out for lunch with my roommate on Fridays. I am trying not to get in the habit!)

Our office has a small on-site cafe with various options. A new company recently took it over and now offers a lot of organic/healthy options. So, I decided to try it today! For $3.75 I got a BBQ chicken and avocado quesadilla on a wheat tortilla. (Oh wait. Not exactly healthy. But organic!) But it was so tasty and convenient. And for under $5, no less! :)


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