Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Review & April Goals!

Let's see how I did on my March goals and what I have planned for April!

February Review
1. Do more activities with friends: go to the gym 4x per week instead of 3x, go on a hike, go the driving range! - Fail. I went the driving range a few times and kept up with the gym 3x per week but did not do much else. However, K has mentioned going hiking, kayaking, and camping plus taking a dance or yoga class!
2. Cook at least 2 new meals, including at least 1 in the crock pot. - Pass! I made a delicious chicken dish in the Crock Pot and something out of one of my cookbooks.
3. Finish 1 book. (My Mom said she would be sending me a really good one.) - Fail. My Mom sent me 3 books and I have only started 1.
4. Register for December CFA Level I. - Pass! I registered earlier this month! Here we go...
5. Complete Employee Self-Appraisal and discuss goals with my new supervisor (even though no one is getting a raise this year). - Pass! I completed my self-appraisal but the discussion is not until mid-April.

April Goals
1. Do more outdoor activities - preferably free/low-cost ones!
2. Gifts: My brother's 21st birthday present & my girlfriend's bachelorette present.
3. Finish 1 book. Really!
4. Start studying for December CFA Level I.
5. Take car in for 60K mileage (and try to keep cost around $200)
6. Get renter's insurance. Seriously!!
7. Enjoy my vacation to NYC and try to keep spending around ~$300.

I don't know why I have trouble coming up with monetary goals. Perhaps it's because I have no debt and I always spend less than I have budgeted? I save a lot and I do a lot of cooking at home, too - which keeps my food costs down. Hmm, what if I started to force myself to spend on a few more things? Like 1 nice meal per month? Or perhaps track my daily spending so readers could get an idea of where my money really goes? Suggestions??


Anonymous April 5, 2009 at 3:25 PM  

Why force yourself to spend money? I mean, if there is something you want to do, and you have the money, do it. Otherwise, if you find yourself with extra money most months, save it.

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