Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Spending Report

Another really fun weekend! On Friday I went to K's and we made an amazing dinner of flank steak, asparagus/bok choy and portabello mushrooms with wine and cheese for dessert. Mmm. On Saturday I went to to Universal Studios with my roommate and his girlfriend which was a blast! (Except for the House of Horrors... that was scary and I don't do scary.) The weather on Sunday was more than perfect, so I spent the day at the beach with K and met some of his friends - and I ended up with a bit of a sunburn! Oops. It did end up being a pricey weekend - but I had an awesome time. :)

$10, Groceries (I offered more to K but he barely accepted my $10!)

$50, Universal Studios ticket (using an $18 online discount!)
$12, Parking (my roommate bought lunch and drove)
$3, split a bag of yummy popcorn as a snack in the theme park
$14.50, Dinner on the way home (I had leftovers for the next day)

$0, Brunch (K paid)
$26.14, Gas
$20.30, Groceries

Total: $135.94


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