Sunday, April 5, 2009

1Q09 / Annual Goals Review

I decided to see where I am in terms of my 2009 annual goals since 1/4 of the year is now over! (Time flies.) So far, so good! :)

  • Increase Net Worth to $15K. I am at almost $19K!! The important step is to keep it going up, we'll see what the rest of the year brings. Maybe the goal should have been higher.
  • Increase E-Fund to $8K. Slowly but surely. I am almost at $6.5K!
  • 2009 Roth IRA: Contribute at least $3K (I don't believe I can max it out...). I have contributed $600 so far in 2009 and am still aiming for $3K, if not $4K.
  • Take one extra vacation (I am already planning for Vegas again and a trip to NYC, so this would be something else entirely) I made plans for January 2010 already, but nothing else in 2009 yet. Perhaps, a weekend away with K if things continue to go well?
  • Get back into golf (lessons & perhaps playing on a semi-regular basis) I have been going to the driving range a lot more often! I might sign up for lessons this summer.
  • Study and sit for CFA Level I (in December '09) I registered for the exam and received my books. Now it is just a matter of getting into the habit of studying.


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