Friday, July 24, 2009

Personal Finance Mad Lib

There's a really fun personal finance mad lib created by Punch Debt In The Face going around the blogosphere, so I thought I would join in!

Hi, my name is Money Maus. I currently have $14 dollars in my wallet. When I started managing my finances I was worth $4K, and now have a net worth of $22K. I currently work in finance and have been doing it for 1 year. I make roughly $35K per year. I want to have $2MM+ waiting for me when it comes time to retire. Aside from learning about finances, I really enjoy text messages. I think the world would be a better place if greed didn't exist. I had chicken/ravioli/broccoli for dinner last night and it was scrumptious. I have had 4 significant others over the course of my lifetime (counting awkward middle school relationships and relationships that lasted 4 months or less). One thing that makes me different is my petite size. Now that I'm done with this mad lib, I think I'm going to go to sleep.


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