Thursday, July 30, 2009

July Spending Overload

I've done quite a bit of spending this month! There was an extra $37.31 on groceries for July 4th. There has been a lot of spending on friendships. (And more tomorrow - I'm going to happy hour with my roommates!) I normally spend about $75 on dining out in an average month, but have spent over $100 this month. I've also spent more on groceries than usual (due to my break-up... I keep buying comfort food!), including $42.65 at Costco for some frozen items, 2 flats of cherries and a flat of blackberries.

I also bought a new jacket that I had been pining over for the past few months. Since it was unavailable in stores, it came to $146.81 after tax and shipping. This was an unplanned purchase, however I rarely spend my clothing budget so I am very excited for it to arrive next week! (Luckily I had set aside for my car trouble!)

Yet... I don't care about all this spending! I tend to come under my monthly budget every month, which includes a fair amount of savings already. So, it's actually nice to have a more carefree, I-don't-care-what-I-spend month... knowing that it's deserved and that I still won't be completely blowing my budget. :)


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