Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's July: Goals, Networth & Budget Leftovers

Where did the time go? Wow - July already! My networth actually decreased slightly, as the markets didn't go up. Here's a review of my June goals and a list of my July ones. I had $200 leftover from my June budget, so I put $100 into my E-fund and $100 into my Roth IRA. :)

June Goals

1. Get first ever credit report! Pass! I pulled my Experian credit report, which was basically but it was good to do!
2. Try more recipes. Pass!
3. Plan a trip for later this year - either home, to NYC or perhaps something else entirely! Half-pass... I've requested a week off in September to go to NYC.
4. Sign up for summer golf lessons, with a budget of ~$200. Fail.
5. Celebrate: One-year of being at my company and one-year of blogging! Pass! Had drinks with my roommates about my 1-year of employment - they don't know about the blog!
6. Review/Adjust annual goals. Fail.

July Goals
1. Continue CFA studying.
2. Figure out rent situation for August.
3. Review/adjust annual goals.
4. Book flight/finalize trip to NYC in September.


Frugalchick July 2, 2009 at 8:27 AM  

Good luck with your July goals!

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