Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Annual Goals (and, how much I save!)

Since I started my blog in the middle of 2008, I did not post about any annual goals. Since it is 2009, I thought I would start of the year right and make some! Here are my goals for 2009:

  • Increase Net Worth to $15K
  • Increase E-Fund to $8K
  • 2009 Roth IRA: Contribute at least $3K (I don't believe I can max it out...)
  • Take one extra vacation (I am already planning for Vegas again and a trip to NYC, so this would be something else entirely)
  • Get back into golf (lessons & perhaps playing on a semi-regular basis)
  • Study and sit for CFA Level I (in December '09)
In terms of saving, I automatically put away $400 each month into savings ($200 towards Roth IRA and $200 towards other savings such as E-fund, travel fund, gift fund, car maintenance fund - and this is after $150/month goes into my Roth 401k) and usually have at least $200 leftover from my monthly budget. That's $750/month almost automatically, not including the 2 extra paychecks each year!

I am also getting a slight pay increase with my promotion that has already gone into effect plus I am eligible for a merit increase in April and my company might still give out a small annual bonus in March. (Plus the holiday bonus in December) Hopefully with all that extra income and the occasional survey checks - and perhaps some 2009 gift exclusion income from my parents - I will be able to reach some/all of these goals!


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