Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Review & March Goals!

February was a short month but it was also busy for me! Work got to me by the end, but now I am finally finished with my transition and will be full-time in my new position starting Monday. All the loose ends are tied up and I have finished training 3 different people in my old department to take over my responsibilities. A lot of work, but now I can move on!

February Review
1. Review my budget and adjust accordingly with my pay increase, most likely allocating a bit more to savings each month - Pass! I now bring home an extra $90 per month, so I am putting an extra $25 into to my Travel Fund, $25 into my Car Maintenance Fund and $25 into my "Other" category. The leftover $15 is for residual spending. :)
2. Splurge a little on myself (using some of the money from my budget) - earrings, manicure/pedicure, a spa day? - Pass! I did buy new earrings, but then lost my old ones. And I plan on going for a mani/pedi this weekend or next week!
3. Complete my taxes - Pass! I finished my taxes, filed and got my federal return! Still waiting on CA state refund, which might take a while.

March Goals
1. Do more activities with friends: go to the gym 4x per week instead of 3x, go on a hike, go the driving range!
2. Cook at least 2 new meals, including at least 1 in the crock pot.
3. Finish 1 book. (My Mom said she would be sending me a really good one.)
4. Register for December CFA Level I.
5. Complete Employee Self-Appraisal and discuss goals with my new supervisor (even though no one is getting a raise this year).


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