Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back to Reality...

First off, I have a new header courtesy of the awesome D. Ninja at Punch Debt in the Face. Thank you!

My cruise was amazing! I had such a fantastic time with my best friends. They really spoiled me all weekend. We're already planning to turn the cruise into an annual vacation, hooray! It was also really nice to be completely unplugged from all technology for a few days.

In terms of spending, I ended up going over my original budget of $150. (Really, what was I thinking, lol?) When friendships are involved, money doesn't matter too much to me - especially since I have the money in savings for vacations! Here's the breakdown:

Cruise purchases: $129.74
Other purchases while friends were in town: $88.75
Total: $218.49

I will be taking the amount from my Travel Fund, which still has over $1K in it for future trips! Really, I don't think I did too bad at all with my spending, since that was over the course of 7 days. :) Though ask me what I spent it all on, and I couldn't really tell you!


Anonymous January 17, 2010 at 10:09 AM  

That doesn't sound like TOO much money :)
Glad you had a blast!

Hmmm, now I must try to figure out how to trick, er, I mean ask, the Debt Ninja if he could make my blog look cool!

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