Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend Spending

On Friday, my roommates and I stayed in - we had some drinks and played Wii, which was a blast! On Saturday I ran errands - returned something to Ikea (didn't purchase anything with the store credit yet), picked up some things at Costco and went out to lunch with a friend. On Sunday I went to kickboxing class, made lentil soup from one of my new cookbooks and did some grocery shopping, then caught up on TV from the week before.

$0, I cooked dinner at home and didn't go anywhere

$7.49, sandwich from my favorite spot!
$52.38, Costco (I bought a 6-bottle case of my favorite wine, a frozen all-in-one meal which lasts me 5 meals, and an Acai dietary supplement)

$33.89, Groceries

Total: $93.76


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