Monday, February 9, 2009

Economic Stimulation

I went a little crazy with my spending this weekend. But, I did not go overboard - good thing I didn't find work-out clothes that fit me! In the end, though, I decided that it would be nice to stimulate the economy. Plus the money I spent shopping has been budgeted thanks to my bonus. :) I saw He's Just Not That Into You which really isn't like the book at all, more of a movie based on the concept of the book. I did think it was hilarious! I used an AMC movie pass I had so that was free.

$16, Dueling piano bar with my roommates

$150.80, New Asics sneakers to replace my 4-year-old Adidas ones
$31.25, New earrings (I can only wear expensive metal, so I buy white-gold at Macy's)
$5.81, Dinner at Taco Bell (we were running late to the movie)
$0, Movie :)

$59.56, Wal-Mart (I bought way too much. Lots of essential toiletries that I was out of plus extra items like Crest Whitestrips, chips and VitaminWater...)
$17.23, Trader Joe's (I try to spend under $20 a trip here and go every few weeks, but I fell in love with one of their Indian soups-in-a-bag... and they had 2 new varieties so I bought those as well)
$11.89, Henry's (local supermarket which is fantastic for its produce... I stocked up on fruit like blackberries, apples and green grapes plus couscous and other things from their bulk bins)
$2.99, Whole Foods (If I could shop here regularly, I would! I bought a large on-sale bottle of Kefir, my new indulgence)

Total: $295.53


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