Monday, February 16, 2009

(Long) Weekend Spending!

I had a 3.5 day weekend and it was very relaxing and I got a lot of things accomplished. I spent my half-day on Friday at the DMV for 3 hours to change my license from my home state to California. (I got 100% on the written exam and am now patiently waiting my new ID!) Friday night was low-key, my roommates and I watched Taken which was a great action movie. On Saturday I went shopping and finally found some new work out pants (but still in need of new tank tops) and went out to dinner with my old roommates from my last year of college. It was so much fun to catch up with them at our favorite pizza place with greasy food and drinks! On Sunday I went for coffee and today I ran errands (in the rain!) and did some cooking for lunches this week. :)

$0, I used a free movie pass

$48.98, 2 new pairs of work-out pants and some other items at Target
$16, Dinner

$0, My date paid for coffee

$49.58, Groceries
$11.84, Ink cartridge re-fill at Costco

Total: $126.40


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