Monday, February 2, 2009

Net Worth & January Month-End

My net worth increased by a ridiculous amount last month... 45.04%! This was almost completely due to my bonus and a lot of savings from December that were allocated throughout the month and some gift exclusion money from my Dad. What a nice surprise! (The majority of the increase was in cash as opposed to retirement or anything else, and some of it will be spent.)

I also updated my sidebars and have reached $5K in my E-fund! That gives me approximately 4 months worth once I cut out going out to restaurants and such. Now time to start pushing towards my 2009 goal of $8K. :)

In terms of month-end, I had $250 leftover from my January budget. I have decided to put $200 into my Roth IRA and $50 into my E-fund.


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