Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome August: Networth, Goals & July Review

My networth increase by 6% this month, mostly thanks to the markets! I, however, did a lot of spending. My largest over expenditure, by far, was food. Groceries and dining out came to a combined $283! My January-June average was $172, so this was over $100 more than normal! I had $75 leftover from my monthly budget, of which I put $50 in my Roth IRA and $25 into my E-fund.

July Goals
1. Continue CFA studying.
I am really getting into my studying now, and actually enjoying it! (Is that sad?) It's overwhelming, but it keeps me busy.
2. Figure out rent situation for August.
Pass! We decided to stay in our current place for another 9 months. Moving is a hassle!
3. Review/adjust annual goals.
Pass! I did this recently and I am doing surprisingly well!
4. Book flight/finalize trip to NYC in September.
Pass! My Dad offered to fly me there on airline points, and I will be going from September 12-19. I can't wait, since I haven't taken any vacation since April!

August Goals
1. CFA studying. Specifically: the FRA topic section.
2. Read one book for fun. I have this one on hold at the library!
3. Try to make one new friend. Somehow!
4. Go to gym 2x per week.
5. Buy a rice cooker!


HighClassLowIncome August 3, 2009 at 10:31 PM  

Good luck on your goals for August, especially the studying! I've made a lot of friends in group fitness classes at the gym, maybe that'll work for you too!

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